HempFlax Development & Consultancy puts 20 years of expertise in hemp growing, harvesting and processing in the service of the market. We have been set on furthering the hemp industry since it first opened its doors in 1994. We have paved the way in terms of hemp harvesting and processing technologies, and in training programs for farmers.

By constantly improving our methodology and machinery, HempFlax continues to be the leading force for the renewal of the global Hemp industry and the main authority on the practicalities of this area. From sowing to harvesting, from decortication and processing to the manufacture of end products, we have have a deep understanding and experience of industrial hemp. As such, we are able to assist its partners in all aspects of their projects: from the complete set-up of a new factory to the entire hemp cultivation process.

Do you want to create a business in the industrial hemp market? Save time and resources on research and development by benefitting from our know-how. HempFlax Development & Consultancy allows for your processing operation to be set up quickly, and enables you to start delivering the results expected from an experienced and well established company within a relatively short time.

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HempFlax technology has set the standard in the production of bast-crop fibre, enabling the highest quality product to be obtained. It has even lead to the creation of the term “HempFlax grade fibre”, effectively setting the benchmark for quality in the hemp industry.

Hemp processing is one-third technology and two-thirds people. Proper training is an essential step in guaranteeing a company’s success. This is why HempFlax Development has made it a priority to provide training services for people who will be operating newly set up production lines.

Before conducting major investments in a hemp processing company, an important part of the decision-making process is assessing the feasibility of the project. HempFlax can assist the entrepreneur in this by supplying relevant data.