Tree Disks

Tree discs are used for the protection of plants, shrubs and trees and are made of 100% natural fibers. The fibers are produced from the stems of industrial hemp plants without the use of chemicals. They effectively protect plant roots from cold and dehydration, and naturally discourage the growth of weeds. Tree discs can also be produced from other natural fibers.

  • 100% natural hemp fiber high-grade felt
  • Protect trees, shrubs and plants
  • Effectively discourage weeds
  • Insulate roots against cold
  • Trap moisture to prevent soil drying out in hot weather
  • Keep patio plants safe from frost
  • Gradually completely biodegrade to release organic nutrients, benefitting plants
  • Aesthetically pleasing and inconspicuous natural color
  • Standard size is 45 cm diameter, 8 mm thickness
  • Other sizes and thicknesses are available on request


The term ‘HempFlax-grade fiber’ is used to define the finest possible quality of product. This category covers both finished and semi-finished hemp fiber products, and also technical grade flax fiber.


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