Hemp products for horticulture and agriculture

Our industrial hemp horticulture products are completely natural and free from contaminants and harmful substances. They are suitable for any scale of garden.  

The fiber based products are excellent as an organic growing medium for micro greens, and as protection against weeds and loss of moisture from the soil. The wood based products can also be used to prevent weeds, moss and dehydration,  and as a soil improver. Hemp is renowned for its ability to replenish nutrients in soil as it decomposes, and we have harnessed this propensity in our horticulture range.

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CanTop can be used as a plant-base insulating layer. Its water retaining properties and weeds and moss prevention characteristics make it ideal for small and large scale gardening projects alike.

HempFlax garden mulch is produced from 100% industrial hemp shives and is an ideal garden top layer. The hemp is European-grown and is free of any pesticides, insecticides and fungicides.

Tree Discs

HempFlax tree discs are made of 100% natural hemp fibers.They offer a biodegradable solution for the protection of plants, discouraging the growth of weeds and insulating them against the cold.

HempFlax growing medium

HempFlax growing medium is a fully compostable hemp fiber mat which can be custom-sized to your requirements. It is the ideal substrate for the cultivation of microgreens and short rotation crops.