Mini-Hemp Soft mattress

Mini Hemp Soft Mattress keeps small animals healthy, warm and active. It is designed to enable them to mimic their natural nesting behaviour in the wild. This helps to prevent animals becoming bored and lethargic. It also discourages them from chewing on cages.  

Made from pure hemp fiber, this natural bedding material for pets insulates them against cold and draughts. Produced without chemical additives or processing, Mini Hemp Soft Mattress is ideal for all small animals, and can also be used for birds. It is available in a variety of sizes.

  • Small squares of 100% compressed mechanically bonded (needle punched), untreated hemp fiber
  • Pets shred the squares to make nesting material, a natural activity that prevents boredom
  • Absorbs moisture and odours quickly and effectively
  • Low dust, healthy for lungs of pets and owners
  • Cleans the teeth of pets as they pull apart the fibers
  • 100% compostable
  • Free from pests that can inhabit hay and straw
  • Adds extra interest and play potential to your pet’s environment, keeping them happy and healthy
  • Mini-Hemp Mattress has an thickness of 8mm and is available in these standard sizes: 

    • 20cm x 40cm
    • 40cm x 100cm
    • 50cm x 120cm


The term ‘HempFlax-grade fiber’ is used to define the finest possible quality of product. This category covers both finished and semi-finished hemp fiber products, and also technical grade flax fiber.

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