Hemp animal care

Natural, healthy solutions for your animal care needs

Our products for the animal care industry are based on comfort and ease for both animal and owner. The Hemparade and Biobase products are developed for the equestrian sector whereas the Mini Hemp assortment has been designed for small pets such as birds and rodents. Hemp cat litter is a recent addition to our hemp animal care range.

All HempFlax hemp animal care products are manufactured without chemical additives or processing, making them healthy and safe for both animals and people who are sensitive to this. In addition, they are virtually dust-free, reducing allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

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High absorption capacity and easy maintenance make Biobase bedding a must-have for horse carers. The addition of eucalyptus oil extracts also positively impacts horses' welfare.

HempFlax Cat Litter is made of 100% pelletized hemp wood shives processed from industrial hemp stems. Simple to use, this kind of litter absorbs moisture and odours quickly and incredibly effectively.

hemparade bedding

Known for its high absorption capacity, easiness in maintenance, and the positive effect on the welfare of horses, Hemparade bedding is seeing increasing success among horse carers internationally.

Mini-Hemp bedding

Mini-Hemp Bedding provides a clean and effective solution for your small pets, guaranteeing an odour-free, hygienic and comfortable environment for rodents, reptiles, birds, and other small creatures.

 Mini-Hemp Soft

Mini-Hemp Soft is a nesting material made from 100% natural, untreated hemp fiber which provides a healthy and dust-free environment suitable for birds, rodents and other small animals.

Mini-Hemp Soft Matress

A natural bedding material made from pure hemp fiber. Mini Hemp Soft keeps small animals healthy, warm and active, and enables them to mimic their natural nesting behaviour in the wild.