Hemp shives are derived from the wooden core of industrial hemp stems through processing the hemp straw. A special blend based on the optimal particle fraction for construction purposes has been recently developed by HempFlax. These shives have a high absorption capacity, up to 500%. Therefore the shives are able to cohese with the lime and water, which in turn delivers a solid construction wall or panel. 

  • Untreated hemp shives from EU certified industrial hemp
  • Average length 1mm - 20mm
  • Shives > 98% , dust shives etc, <2%
  • Cellulose: 35%
  • Hemicellulose: 18%
  • Lignin: 21%
  • Rest (protein, pectin, etc) : 18%
  • Aggregates: additives possible
  • Packaged in bales: 80 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm approx. 14 kg per bale
  • Storage: Dry storage with normal humidity


Hemp wood comes from the inner core of the plant stems. When the stem is processed, bast fibers are stripped away and the inner core broken into shives. This category covers all HempFlax wood products.


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