HempFlax HB®

Made from a mixture of specially selected hemp shives and a binder, HempFlax HB® can be cast and/or sprayed. The shives are processed from the wooden core of industrial hemp plants.  The binder is a hydrate lime in powder form. When the shives are mixed with binder and water, they become HempFlax HB®, a bio-composite construction material.

The thermal, breathable and acoustic qualities of HempFlax HB create healthy work and living environments. For a higher thermal mass, construction is finished with lime and plastering.  HempFlax HB® is a not a load-bearing construction material, it is applied as a molded substance within / around a metal or wooden frame. This frame bears the vertical load from the roof and upper floors. Since HempFlax HB® is lightweight, lightweight frames can be used.

The high thermal capacity of HempFlax HB® removes the need for constructing extra insulation layers; there is no need to construct a  cavity wall. The permeability of HempFlax HB® walls  creates passive self regulation of interior temperature and moisture level. Heating and/or  air-condition systems are not necessary.

  • Easy to apply; just mix both components and add water
  • Permeable insulation capacity
  • In synergy with other natural permeable construction products
  • Fire resistant
  • Effective thermal inert ion; fluctuations of temperature are stored and regularly released  
  • Negative CO² footprint of approximately 130kg CO² per m³
  • CO² fixation by industrial hemp production and by carbonation of the binder
  • Shives supplied pressed in plain bales of 140 liters
  • Lime supplied in 22 kg waterproof bags


Hemp wood comes from the inner core of the plant stems. When the stem is processed, bast fibers are stripped away and the inner core broken into shives. This category covers all HempFlax wood products.


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