Natural products for a healthy interior climate

HempFlax guarantees high quality hemp construction products, free from harmful substances. Our hemp products are made from natural and healthy material with a minimal risk of skin or respiratory irritation. They are eminently suitable for ‘diffusion-open’ (also known as ‘breathable’) building constructions. Diffusion-open building is a tried, tested and successful building method in Germany, and is rapidly gaining popularity in other parts of Europe as a way of avoiding moisture build-up inside walls which causes rot and mould.

This category covers insulation, blocks, and the raw materials (shives and lime) for mixing your own biocomposite building materials.

HempFlax products for your project?

HempFlax has an extensive national network of dealers who will gladly advise you on the application of our natural products within your projects.
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Tradical® PF70 is a lime binder based on hydrated air lime blended with selected cementitious, hydraulic and inorganic materials. Its characteristics make it the ideal binder for our hemp shives.

ISO Hemp blocks are a robust, permeable and sustainable product. A mix of hemp shives, lime and water, ISO Hemp Blocks offer an effective and sustainable alternative to traditional building materials.

HempFlax insulation panel

HempFlax Panel Nature Insulation is a breathable insulating plate material suitable for external wall insulation. It offers a natural alternative for synthetic and mineral insulation materials.

HempFlax HB® is a robust, permeable and fire-resistant product suited to sustainable construction. Processed from hemp shives, HempFlax HB® is easy to use and ideal for roof and wall construction.

Hempflax fibre

Shives are derived from the wooden core of industrial hemp stems. Our unique processing methods have been perfected to offer the optimal particle fraction necessary for construction purposes.

HempFlax Plus Insulation is suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, walls and floors. A natural alternative for synthetic and mineral insulation, perfect for timber frame constructions.