Non-Woven Fabrics

Non-woven fabrics are made of 100% natural industrial hemp and/or flax fiber. Used in combination with polymers, these fibers create strong, durable and light-weight automotive parts. HempFlax non-woven fabrics are made from hemp and flax grown in Europe and processed without chemicals, and with virtually no waste, for the minimum possible environmental and carbon impact. They are an excellent replacement for glass fibers in many applications.  

HempFlax non-woven fabrics are available on rolls of up to 130 meters long and 250 cm wide; as mats; and can be custom-made to your specifications. They are packed as per individual customer requirements. Non-woven fabrics should be stored in a dry area with normal humidity.


  • Gram m²: varying from 350 gr/m2 2000 gr/m2 (<7% variation)
  • Thickness from 2,5 mm till 18 mm (<5% variation)
  • Humidity: <12%
  • Ingredients: natural fibers (hemp, flax, sisal, jute etc.)
  • Mixtures from 20% till 90% possible
  • Available in sizes up to 130 metres long and up to 250 cm wide
  • Needling intensity 35 till 80 punches/cm2
  • Addition of other non wovens or foil possible


The term ‘HempFlax-grade fiber’ is used to define the finest possible quality of product. This category covers both finished and semi-finished hemp fiber products, and also technical grade flax fiber.


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