Innovative and sustainable solutions for the automotive industry

Our natural fibers for the automotive industry come from hemp cultivated in The Netherlands and Romania. Based on years of experience and development of the processing lines, HempFlax is the leading producer of high quality hemp fibers for the automotive industry.

The fibers have a purity of 98%. They are produced in average lengths of 40mm and 80mm, and are packed in bales of ca. 120 kg. HempFlax also produces non-wovens for the automotive industry made from hemp and/or flax fibers.

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Non-woven fabrics are made of 100% natural industrial hemp and/or flax fiber. Used in combination with polymers, these fibers create strong, durable and light-weight automotive parts.

Hemp fiber in bulk as a raw material for further processing. The fiber is processed from high quality hemp straw and produced according to European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) specifications.

Our flax fiber is available in bulk as a raw material. Used in the manufacturing of automotive parts our technical-grade flax fiber is produced according to industry specifications.