Hemp products by industry

Whether you are looking for hemp products which are applicable for your industry, or interested in how all the parts of the plant are used for different purposes, this page will enable you to easily find the information you need. Hemp products by industry are listed first, followed by plant component uses.

New uses for industrial hemp are being found all the time. Since HempFlax continues to develop and innovate products, you are encouraged to revisit this page from time to time to see what further advances have been made in the field of industrial hemp.

All our hemp animal care products are made without chemical additives, so are healthy and safe for animals and people. They are virtually dust-free, reducing allergy and respiratory problems.

Based on years of experience and development of the processing lines, HempFlax is the leading producer of high quality hemp fibers and non-woven products for the automotive industry.

High quality, durable hemp construction products, free from harmful substances. Our products are based on natural and healthy materials with a minimal risk of skin or respiratory irritation.

Our hemp horticulture products are free from contaminants and harmful substances, and suitable for any scale of garden. Hemp is renowned for its ability to replenish nutrients in soil as it decomposes.

Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious foods. They contain essential fatty acids (EFAs) in the best ratio for humans, and all the essential amino acids and dietary fiber required for good health.

Industrial hemp by material type

The term ‘HempFlax-grade fiber’ is used to define the finest possible quality of product. This category covers both finished and semi-finished hemp fiber products, and also technical grade flax fiber.

Hemp seeds have multiple uses. They are a near-perfect source of protein. They are rich in oil which can be used for both nutritional and industrial purposes, depending on the refinement of processing. HempFlax has developed unique harvesting machinery that preserves the highest seed quality throughout harvesting.

Hemp wood comes from the inner core of the plant stems. When the stem is processed, bast fibers are stripped away and the inner core broken into shives. This category covers all HempFlax wood products.

Products that are not manufactured from hemp, but which are supplied by HempFlax  for the convenience of our customers. We consider these items especially suitable for use with our products.