Hemp wood comes from the inner core of industrial hemp plant stems. When the hemp stem is processed, the bast fibers are stripped away and the inner core is broken into shives. These shives are filtered by size, and the dust is removed, before they are stored in our silos.

The shives are classified into the fractions: 2mm - 5mm, 2mm - 20mm and 5mm - 20mm. Based on the specifications, the shives will be packed in big bags or bales as a semi-finished product, or further processed on-site to create finished products. This category covers all HempFlax wood products.


CanTop can be used as a plant-base insulating layer. Its water retaining properties and weeds and moss prevention characteristics make it ideal for small and large scale gardening projects alike.

HempFlax garden mulch is produced from 100% industrial hemp shives and is an ideal garden top layer. The hemp is European-grown and is free of any pesticides, insecticides and fungicides.

ISO Hemp blocks are a robust, permeable and sustainable product. A mix of hemp shives, lime and water, ISO Hemp Blocks offer an effective and sustainable alternative to traditional building materials.

HempFlax HB® is a robust, permeable and fire-resistant product suited to sustainable construction. Processed from hemp shives, HempFlax HB® is easy to use and ideal for roof and wall construction.

Hempflax fibre

Shives are derived from the wooden core of industrial hemp stems. Our unique processing methods have been perfected to offer the optimal particle fraction necessary for construction purposes.

High absorption capacity and easy maintenance make Biobase bedding a must-have for horse carers. The addition of eucalyptus oil extracts also positively impacts horses' welfare.

HempFlax Cat Litter is made of 100% pelletized hemp wood shives processed from industrial hemp stems. Simple to use, this kind of litter absorbs moisture and odours quickly and incredibly effectively.

hemparade bedding

Known for its high absorption capacity, easiness in maintenance, and the positive effect on the welfare of horses, Hemparade bedding is seeing increasing success among horse carers internationally.

Mini-Hemp bedding

Mini-Hemp Bedding provides a clean and effective solution for your small pets, guaranteeing an odour-free, hygienic and comfortable environment for rodents, reptiles, birds, and other small creatures.