What is industrial hemp

Industrial hemp is a type of cannabis with no psychoactive effects. It has been cultivated for thousands of years, and thanks to its versatility, durability and countless applications, it is rapidly gaining in popularity once again. It is likely that industrial hemp is one of the first crops ever cultivated by humankind. Able to grow even in poor soil, it can survive in almost any climate and grows incredibly quickly in comparison to many other fiber and food crops.

  • Scientific name: Cannabis sativa L.
  • Industrial hemp is one of many types of cannabis
  • Industrial hemp has no psychoactive effect
  • Grown as a source of fiber, wood and seeds
  • Capable of growing in practically any climate
  • One of the first ever plants to be deliberately cultivated
  • Fast-growing, low-maintenance and highly rewarding crop
  • Requires no chemical fertilizers, resistant to pests and disease
  • Low water use per kilo of fibre (cotton needs 17.000 litres, hemp only 700 litres, per kilo of fibre)