At HempFlax, we can provide new as well as second-hand equipment necessary for the sowing, harvesting and processing stages. New equipment is designed and constructed according to the HempFlax technology, and brought into the global market.

As a result of HempFlax’s extensive network, we are able to purchase used processing machines and upgrade them with HempFlax technology, giving them a second life as hightech decortication equipment. Reusing machinery is also an important part of our environmental approach, which recognises the importance of renewable resources and makes use of them whenever possible.

Contact us for more information about our current stock list of reconditioned hemp farming equipment.

HempFlax has developed specialized processing machinery for processing industrial hemp. This features decortication lines, fiber fine opening lines, the non-woven line and packaging lines.

No commercial hemp harvesting technology hemp was available at the time HempFlax began, so we developed our own. For a plant with the strongest fibres in the world, specialized technology is required.