HempFlax awarded prize for Excellence in Business in Romania

May 27th 2016 - More than a quarter of the votes cast by readers in the GALA CAPITAL to select the best agricultural companies went to none other than the Romanian branch of HempFlax.

We are extremely proud to see after less than a year of its doors being opened, HempFlax has gained recognition for its efforts and managed to stick out amidst other, larger, more well-known companies to win this award.

Oana Suciu, General Manager of HempFlax Romania accepts the Excellence in Business Award.

"Thank you very much for this prize which honours us and forces us to bring this great plans that you mentioned. Namely, we want to set Romania back on the world map as a hemp cultivating and processing nation. I do not know how many of you know, but before 1989, Romania cultivated tens of thousands of hectares of hemp so our 2,000-5,000 hectares today can barely compare. Romania used to process strains of hemp for the textile industry but today, we also cater to the car industry and the green building industry. We hope to reposition Romania on the map of major processors, "said Oana Suciu, general manager of HempFlax Romania during her acceptance speech onstage.

HempFlax, the leading Dutch hemp processing company, has invested 5 million Euros in the European hemp industry, which were used for the opening of their first factory in Alba, Romania in October 2015.
The move marked a new and very special chapter for the company that aimed to relaunch the hemp industry 20 years ago.



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