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HempFlax receives prize for excellence in business
HempFlax hemp field

The Green Deal network event took place on Monday 24 November 2014. At this event, the Green Deal Runner Up Award was awarded to the three Green Deals with the most promising results and a 'Green-and-growpotential'. And we are happy to let you know that HempFlax was one of them!

Imagine you had a building material that was energy-efficient, non-toxic and resistant to mold, insects and fire. The material may even have a higher R-value, or thermal resistance, than concrete, a claim that is still being investigated. The only problem?

The hemp car was through the material as much as half lighter than the metal cars of that time, which would entail a huge fuel savings with them. He was also once more was said.

Bugatti Veyron

HempFlax hemp fibres are used in compressed form to, for example, manufacture door panels and dashboards. Hemp fibre is more durable, lighter and stronger than fibreglass, for example. HempFlax fibres are used in cars such as Bugatti Veyron, Jaguar, Bentley, BMW 3, BMW 5, BMW 7 and Mercedes-Benz A-, C-and S-Class.

Plenty of scooter manufacturers make claims about helping out the environment with zero-emissions electric powertrains. The Be.e, which is live on Kickstarter this month, packs some extra green credentials in its back pocket, combining electric power with a bio-based monocoque frame.