Since our opening in 1994, HempFlax has become the industry standard in terms of hemp cultivation, processing, and product innovation. We continue to focus on optimising our production, reducing our carbon footprint and improving the efficiency of our processing techniques to minimise waste and environmental impact.

Sustainability alone is not enough. It is necessary to create products and follow practices that are of the highest standard. This is as important to us as the plant itself, and something that HempFlax strives to continually improve.   

Below are the certificates that have been awarded to HempFlax.

ISO 9001 certified

HempFlax became ISO 9001 Certified in 2011. This certified quality management system ensures that the customer recieves products of a consistent quality.

Green Deal Runner Up Award

On 24 November 2014 HempFlax won the Green Deal Runner Up Award.

Designed to help homeowners pay for energy-saving home improvements without the up-front costs, The Green Deal encourages companies to recommend improvements which will help reduce energy bills by more than the cost of implementing the Green Deal improvement measures.

This is known as the "Golden Rule" and, put simply, means that homeowners will be better off by making Green Deal improvements than they would be if no improvements were made.